free fantage accounts

some of them are mine, and some are not. so ya.

password: princess1

password; city hunter




PASS; anniyah77




64 comments on “free fantage accounts

  1. i real real need a accont if u can give me a accont emil me at and in the emil give me the user_ and pass- thanks and i hope someone may help me out giving me a accont for my sis and brother i dont care if its a boy or girl and it does not have non member a member will work and a non member thanks bye and this is kayla emil me please

  2. PLEASE and i repeat PLEASE dont bann or delete the stuff in these both accounts.
    If you do then i’ll change the passwords

  3. heres an accounts avery9020 pass is michelle1 its a meme girl she has 1,000 ecoinz and 283 stars no banning plzzzzz i got this memem account for my birthday and i dont want it ok its a membership

  4. Here is an account! Please do NOT change pass or use bad words while playing on it! And I gave this account to other account blogs too!
    User: Spartwing Pass: 021771
    If it doesn’t work I get worried okay!!

  5. I am gonna change the passwords because u keep banning her and him.You have to send me a free mem if you want the accountz back a RARE one

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